Famous Singer Takes a Knee After Performing The National Anthem At NFL Game

NFL players protest is a national sick joke!! They picked the wrong forum and manner for this issue. The national anthem and flag are honored at sporting events for veterans that served and gave their life for our country. NFL players abuse women and yes there are some bad cops but Disrespecting Country… Vet’s & Flag is a dishonor, not a protest!! The right to protest does not make it right!!

Jessica Sanchez, former American Idol, took a knee after she finished singing the National Anthem prior to Sunday’s game between the Los Angeles Chargers and Oakland Raiders in Oakland, Calif.

The singer knelt while singing the final words of the “Star Spangled Banner”.

According to Breitbart:

Strangely, according to Fox 5 in San Diego, the singer’s Facebook page showed the moment when the stadium announced Sanchez as the anthem singer. Yet, it didn’t show her kneeling for the anthem, and then, the video was deleted from her account entirely.

According to the AP, Sanchez says she supports the player protests against racial inequality and police brutality and Donald Trump.

Sanchez said, “I’m 100 percent for the message, as far as what the message has been behind everybody kneeling. I still show my respect to the veterans, but I do disagree with what’s going on in the office.”

Though, not surprisingly, Sanchez did not give any examples of racial inequality or of racially motivated police brutality.

After the anthem, Sanchez says that Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch told her, “You did your thing girl.”

She is a Latino. After all, this country has done for all the Mexicans that are leeching off of us and then she disrespects us like that. Most of them haters country that proves it they’re just here for the benefits.

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