About Us

Right Journalism is an online magazine that contains articles and videos about current events in the United States and worldwide. We are not a news organization and we do not claim to be a source for news, but rather a publication that provides articles discussing the news and other topics of interest.

Right Journalism was conceived and launched in the U.S.A. by red-blooded American Patriots who love God, family, and liberty.

We believe the Constitution guarantees us the freedom to express opinions which some people may perceive as uncomfortable. The first amendment not only protects speech that everyone is comfortable with, it protects all speech.

If you are offended by what someone says or writes, do not listen to them or read what they write. It’s really as simple as that. There is no need for governments or corporations to try and micromanage everything people say or write on the Internet.

That being said, we believe corporations and people have every right to refuse to provide a platform on their own property—including websites—to anyone they choose.

If you read or view something on our website which offends you, take a deep breath and consider how it did not, in any way, affect your life. Be happy and feel good about yourself—you survived viewing our website!

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