A Former Jacksonville Jaguars Fan Decided to Send a Stunning Message To The NFL From 1,000 Feet Above

The NFL will pay a price for disrespecting the country that made them rich. Disrespecting our flag and our anthem is not the way to protest nor the place to protest! We The People are pissed at the disrespect to our military and our country! If the NFL or owners had a backbone they could stop this insanity in its tracks by just a few rules.

A former Jacksonville Jaguars fan decided to send a stunning message to the NFL form 1,000 feet above. Terry Smiley hired a pilot to fly his banner, which read “BE AMERICAN. BOYCOTT THE JAGS AND THE NFL,” over EverBank Field on Sunday before the Jaguars faced off against the Los Angeles Rams.

Watch the video below!

According to Fox News:

“I have the right to protest and I’m going to protest it with bumper stickers, airplanes – whatever I got to do. I will continue to protest,” Smiley said.

As part of his campaign against the NFL, Smiley is giving away bumper stickers in hopes other supporters will join him.

“Do you believe in your country? Do you believe in ‘The Star-Spangle Banner’? If you don’t stand up for it now, you won’t have it in the future,” Smiley told the television station.

While Smiley may feel the players’ actions are disrespectful, other Jaguars fans said the players are kneeling to garner awareness for a greater cause.

“They are taking it in a peaceful manner,” Jaguars fan Jaumari Day told WFOX-WJAX-TV. “They are trying to use their words and use their actions instead of taking it to violence.”

Another fan, Jay Crossman, said people need to realize the “true message” of the protests.

“They have publicly stated that they care about veterans and the flag and that’s not what they’re kneeling against,” Crossman said.

Awesome. There is a time when we will have to give up something in order to protect, a role model for our children’s sake, and to take a stand for what is right for our Beautiful America. She deserves it and all the people who serve our great nation and all those who are buried.

Football players seem to think football is a necessity in people’s lives. News flash: it’s entertainment, pure and simple. Everyone can live without it. You are not researchers looking for the cure to cancer, you are not teachers guiding the next generation to greatness, you are not farmers growing our crops. You only “entertain”, you are not indispensable. Remember that!!

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