Videos: Joe Labeled The Uyghur Genocide As ‘Just a Chinese Cultural Norm,’ But Biden’s Video From 2014 Shows That POTUS Is Just Afraid Of China


President Biden faced swift criticism Tuesday night for remarks on how he plans to approach human rights abuses in China.

Biden just recently had a phone call with President Xi Jinping and said his counterpart was focused on maintaining a “united, tightly controlled” China. Biden said that focus is what guides Xi.

But as president of the U.S., Biden said during a CNN town hall event in Milwaukee, he has to speak out against Beijing’s aggression in Hong Kong, “what’s he’s doing with the Uighurs in the western mountains of China,” and Taiwan. Biden said Xi understands that.

“Culturally, there are different norms” that leaders are expected to follow, Biden said. He later stated that China will face “repercussions” for its actions.

Still, the “different norms” comment prompted Biden’s detractors to accuse him of downplaying the situations in Hong Kong and Xinjiang. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called what’s unfolding in the western region of the country “crimes against humanity” and a “genocide.”

Video below:

CNN tried to make Biden look coherent by combining his sentence fragments in different combinations until something looks right. It’s heroic.

Boris Epshteyn, a 2020 strategic adviser for former President Trump, called Biden’s town hall comment “horrible.”

And it was horrible indeed, and shows that Biden is just afraid of China!
Especially if we consider the fact that Biden fallen a long way from “hate can never be defended because it’s a so-called cultural norm”, hasn’t he?

Observe Biden’s 2014 comments from about the 19:50 mark:

“Joe Biden just said the Uyghur genocide is just a Chinese cultural norm and reminded Americans that China has been victimized by the West in the past These are direct CCP propaganda lines,” One America News reporter Jack Posobiec tweeted.

Joe Biden spread direct Chinese Communist Party talking points when asked about Xi Jinping’s genocide of the Uyghurs during the CNN townhall on Tuesday evening.

One million Muslims (the majority of them Uyghurs) have been held in secretive detention camps without any legal process since 2014. It has been described as a genocide, the likes of which have not been seen since WWII.

Natalie Dagenhardt

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