Woke Dean Caught On Tape Explaining How The School Gets Around Anti-Discrimination Laws For The Sake Of “Diversity” (Video)

Even though Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas joined Chief Justice Roberts in the majority opinion finding that using a student’s race in college admission decision violated the 14th Amendment, Thomas also filed a concurring opinion explaining more of his thinking on the matter.

In his usual style, Justice Thomas traces the history of the United States and its citizens’ ongoing efforts to pursue a more perfect union — efforts that haven’t always been smooth and have, at points, failed to move the country forward. Still, Thomas shares his optimism that America will continue to become a better place, all while excoriating the left’s “equity” agenda.

“The solution to our Nation’s racial problems thus cannot come from policies grounded in affirmative action or some other conception of equity,” Thomas writes. “Racialism simply cannot be undone by different or more racialism. Instead, the solution announced in the second founding is incorporated in our Constitution: that we are all equal, and should be treated equally before the law without regard to our race,” he adds. “Only that promise can allow us to look past our differing skin colors.”

Well, the Dean of Berkley Law had other ideas!

It’s not going to stop the woke white knights in the academy from continuing their racist practices.

For example, in California, it is already illegal to make hiring decisions based on race. That’s obviously racist. But the ultra-woke liberal Berkeley doesn’t care about the law.

Here’s the Dean of the Law School explaining how they work around the law:

Chemerinsky’s plan is to do “unstated affirmative action” meaning break the law but just don’t open your big mouth about it.

What I mean by unstated affirmative action is, what if the college or university doesn’t tell anybody, doesn’t make any public statements, but still wants to do it.

I’ll give you an example from our law school, but if ever I’m deposed I’m gonna deny I said this to you.

When we do faculty hiring, we’re quite conscious that diversity is important to us. And we say that diversity is important, it’s fine to say that. But I’m very careful when we have a faculty appointments committee meeting, any time somebody says, ‘We should prefer this candidate or this candidate because this person would add diversity’ I say: ‘Don’t say that! You can think it, you can vote it, but our discussions are not privileged so don’t ever articulate that that’s what you’re doing!’

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[…] Woke Dean Caught On Tape Explaining How The School Gets Around Anti-Discrimination Laws For The Sake… […]