US Students Are Tearing The American Flag During Anti-Gun Protest (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, students around the nation ‘walked out’ of their classrooms in an effort to focus the nation’s attention on school safety. They railed against the National Rifle Association and the politicians who support it and carried signs with messages like “Never again” and “Am I next?”

US Students Tear The American flag as teachers look on.

They issued specific demands for lawmakers, including mandatory background checks for all gun sales and a ban on assault weapons like the one used in the Florida bloodbath.

But, the protest was far from peaceful as Tennessee students tear down the American flag that was hanged outside Antioch High School and jumped on police cars during the demonstrations.

“We respect the right of our students to advocate for causes that are important to them,” said a spokesperson from the Nashville Public Schools.

“Unfortunately, some students on our Antioch campus today chose to protest in ways that significantly disrupted school operations and threatened the safety and order for other students and staff within our school,” added the statement.

The brainwashing of our children continues. Sad…

This is the problem. This is not a peaceful protest. These kids have had no discipline. They have been taught left-wing indoctrination in public schools. Sadly, this is OUR educational system now.

These so-called gun rallies are nothing more than Left-wing rallies. Unfortunately, these students are America’s future! Impressionable young minds have NO clue what this country actually stands for and what our ancestors went through for our Life, Liberty, and F-ing FREEDOM!!

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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