Video: There Was Something On Pelosi’s Desk That Might Explain Her Bizarre Behavior Last Night During SOTU

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi drew massive attention on social media during President Biden’s State of the Union address Tuesday evening for her oddly giddy reaction to Biden’s remarks about “burn pits” in the Middle East.

During his address, the president outlined four items in a “Unity Agenda for the Nation” that included support for US veterans.

“My administration is providing assistance with job training and housing, and now helping lower-income veterans get VA care debt-free,” Biden said.

“Our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan faced many dangers. One was stationed at bases and breathing in toxic smoke from ‘burn pits,’” the president continued, to applause. “Many of you have been there.”

As the president delivered his remark, Pelosi got excited and stood up and cheered when Biden talked about soldiers breathing toxic smoke from burn pits.
This was another of the most bizarre acts from Biden’s car wreck of a State of the Union address.

Videos below:

Many people are trying to figure out what the heck was going on…

Well, one guy spotted something on Nancy’s desk that might explain what was happening…

It looks like a huge GOBLET of booze.

You can watch the video below:

We can’t confirm or deny anything!

At this point it’s either booze or Nancy is losing her mind, like Joe is.

The “booze” theory seems to be a popular one.


We have knowledge that this is a silver ink stand that’s the oldest artifact in Congress. It was crafted by Washington’s silversmith around 1810. We can’t confirm why she chose to display it.

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