WATCH: The Idiots On “The View”Insults President Trump Intelligence- IMMEDIATELY GET SHUT DOWN (VIDEO)

I am disgusted that this group of “entertainers” has been able to use their platform to spew rhetoric against our President Trump and all others who have a different outlook for our country.

I have never seen so much hate for a President in my life. It’s always the washed-up celebrities that have nothing to lose bashing Trump.

On Thursday’s “The View,” the co-hosts reacted to Donald Trump bragging about his intelligence and Ivy League education. Watch the video below.

Via Gossip Cop:

Whoopi showed clips of Trump talking to the media on Wednesday, in which he claimed the press “makes me more uncivil than I am” and boasted that he’s a “very intelligent person” who went to an Ivy League school. “I think the press creates a different image of Donald Trump than the real person,” he insisted in the third-person.

Goldberg said after watching the footage, “So it isn’t any of the stuff you said or how you said it, you’re concerned the press is making you out not to be a good [guy]? I didn’t get it.”

Meghan McCain, said, “I think constantly calling him stupid and saying he’s the dumbest president alive, he clearly did something right.” That said, she questioned his methods now. “Blaming the media means you’re losing. It’s actually a really old tactic,” she pointed out, adding, “I think a big misstep for him was not performing at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and showing he can make fun of himself.”

Comedienne Joy Behar responded, “He can’t do it. He’s not capable of humor. His idea of humor is ‘Puerto Rico.’” She also angrily wondered, “Why is he bragging about being in an elite school when he hates elite?”

“If you’re actually who you say you are, a new guy in the office, show us your records. Show us how smart you are,” Whoopi said.

With this, they only continue proving what insane lunatics they are, and that the people should not watch them at all. Why watch someone when the hosts of the show are total nutball liberal wackos who know nothing about anything.

They are perverted repulsive people that will say and do anything to degrade people that don’t agree with their sickness. This is why the show needs to be shut down!

After this vile attack made by the idiots on the View social networks started to launch an attack on their stupid show and show huge support to President Trump!

I am glad that real Americans are seeing the View as it is a stupid liberal show!

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