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Video: Man Storms The Altar At Church To Attack The Priest – Face Instant Justice By Roughly 100 Parishioners

There is little information on what exactly happened here or where it occurred but a man is seen storming the altar area while a priest was giving his sermon.

The sender only alleged that the video was taken at St Francis of Cabrini, Lakewood WA.

The priest takes a few steps back and tells the man he is trespassing and must leave the church but he just keeps yelling something that is indistinguishable.

A bunch of parishioners is then seen storming the man, taking hold of him, and tossing him out of the church.

Usually, you have to be dead in a pine box to get that sort of ride out of a Catholic Church. But homeboy here got to experience it with life still in his eyes before getting thrown out of there in what had to be the most exhilarating end to a service in the history of the church.

Video below:

Don’t let the Catholic Church get hot right before the holiday season! During these divisive times, it’s nice seeing people of all shapes, colors, and by the looks of it jobs unite together in their place of worship, even if it’s to carry out a lunatic by his arms after he started yelling at their priest.

We still don’t know the whole picture, obviously, but that was some strange and aggressive behavior on the part of the blue shirt guy. Glad there were so many people there to subdue him and it wasn’t a case of further violence.

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