WATCH: Welfare Queen Denied Food Stamps, Goes on Insane Rampage (VIDEO)

When humans breed subservient and dependent pets, there comes a time when giving them food and shelter become necessary for their survival. They’ve become too lazy, too entitled, too incompetent, too spoiled; they are no longer independent entities. Their life is no longer their own to decide. It’s no different with people. Sell your soul for an unearned life and eventually you become unable to earn it even if you wanted to. You are at the mercy of your master. You are a slave.

According to USDA estimates, food stamps participation increased from 17 million users in 2000 to nearly 47 million in 2014, although the number of Americans using EBT cards has declined by around 1.5 million since 2012.

A woman destroyed a convenience store in the US after being told her benefits card would not be accepted. Shocking footage shows the woman throwing stock from shelves and screaming before being restrained and physically removed from the store. Watch the video below!

“Call the police, call the police,” she said repeatedly as if the police could fix her food stamps card — but then again, these people believe that the government is the source of everything.

As she knocked over entire shelves, one shopper asked her, “What the f*** are you doing?”

The video starts with the woman slowly walking through the store while knocking packets from shelves, sending items flying all over the floor. Shocking footage shows the woman destroying a convenience store after her welfare card was rejected She can be heard shouting before grabbing boxes and bags and tipping the contents out. Despite store employees and fellow customers trying to stop her, the woman continues the destruction.


If you are supposed to pay for your food such as your own credit/debit card, then it is totally your fault if it is declined. But if you are supposed to get free food such as EBT, then the store is racist against you! By the way, how dare you taxpayers not paying for my food?

This is how people act when you give them everything and they have earned nothing.

What do you think did she break some law with a behavior like this? Shouldn’t the staff or other customers have been able to just tackle her and call the cops?

Michelle M.

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