Massive Migrant Caravan Overruns the Mexican Police And It’s Heading For The Open US Border – They Carry “Joe Biden Is For All” Banners And Walk Over The U.S. Flag (Video)

A migrant caravan travelling from Mexico overran a roadblock set up by police as they made their way to the United States.

The huge crowd of people gathered in Tapachula, near the Mexico-Guatemala border, and reportedly includes thousands of migrants fleeing Haiti, Venezuela, Cuba and other Latin American countries.

Violent clashes have taken place between Mexican police and those journeying north, with footage shared online showing the caravan making its way through the streets.


Despite the Mexican government’s efforts to prevent the caravan from leaving Tapachula, reports the caravan has now left the area and is heading for the United States.

The caravan met a large gathering of police officers holding shields and forming a roadblock on its journey, however, the determined migrants pushed through the officers and managed to break through the roadblock to continue their journey.


The migrants are carrying a “Joe Biden is for all” sign.

Photo below:

The migrants were also filmed stepping on the US flag they are carrying.

Video from this morning:

They are now heading for our open border!

The number of apprehensions of undocumented migrants crossing into the US from the southern border hit an all-time high in the fiscal year 2021 after passing 1.7 million, according to Customs and Border Protection data obtained by NBC News.

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