Video: Joe Couldn’t Make It Without Mentioning Trump At The G7 Summit – Notice Where The Bell Goes Off And He Goes Off Script


President Biden used his first news conference of his first overseas trip to send a message to the rest of the world, that “America is back at the table.”

“I conveyed to each of my G7 counter parts that the United States is going to do our part, America is back at the table. America is back at the table,” the President said at a news conference from Newquay airport in Cornwall after the third and final day of the G7 summit.

Biden then went off script and started mumbling nonsense about Trump and global warming.

Joe Biden: Alliance and suggested maybe you shouldn’t get the quad, meaning India, Japan, Australia and the United States working together. And maybe you shouldn’t be pushing on “shtrengthening” the European Union to deal with the West not just to have, and so on. And, I said for an American president…

Notice where the bell goes off and he goes off-script.

Video below:

More embarrassing videos from today’s press conference:

Biden’s appearance at the G7 summit is a total disaster yesterday Boris Johnson corrected Joe Biden that he already introduced the president of South Africa to a G7 meeting.

“Sleepy Joe” seems to forget where he is at a certain point!

Video below:

At the conclusion of the three-day summit, Biden and the first lady will travel to Windsor Castle to have tea with the Queen.

A draft communique from the seven nations – the US, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan – reaffirmed their pledge to “mobilize $100 billion/year from public and private sources, through to 2025.”

Alex D.

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