Embarrassing Video: Joe Biden Confuses Himself Again This Morning, Gets Lost Reading His Notes


President Biden broke his own standard of the political protocol by attacking his Republican rivals during an overseas summit — but escaped scrutiny from the same media that ripped former President Donald Trump for similar moves.

The commander-in-chief claimed the Republican party was “fractured” and Trump only had “phony populism” as he spoke at a press conference after a NATO summit in Brussels on Monday.

Like his “clown show” from yesterday wasn’t enough he embarrassed our country this morning again!

Quoting Irish poet W. B. Yeats at the start of his first EU-U.S. summit as president, Biden also said the world was shifting and that Western democracies needed to come together.

“The world has changed, changed utterly,” Biden, an Irish-American, said, citing from the poem Easter 1916, in remarks that pointed towards the themes of his eight-day trip through Europe: China, the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change.

Sitting at an oval table in the EU’s headquarters with U.S. cabinet officials, Biden told EU institution leaders that the EU and the United States working together was “the best answer to deal with these changes” that he said brought “great anxiety”.

Then came the most embarrassing moment where Joe Biden confuses himself, gets lost reading his notes.

He again said, “I’m gonna get in trouble!”

Video below:

Just as notable was the silence from the media amid Biden using his platform overseas to attack his domestic political rivals.

This video is another example where our media fails to report about our President and his embarrassing representation of our county.

All that matters is what kind of ice cream does he like……never forget!

Natalie Dagenhardt

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