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Video: A Hospital In China Refuses To Admit Coronavirus Patient As They Want To Keep Zero New Case Record – Upset Family Starts A Fight With Staff

On Tuesday (March 24) China ended its lockdown of most of Hubei province. But Wuhan, the city in Hubei province where the coronavirus outbreak first began at the end of last year, will remain under lockdown until April 8, they said.

After two months of intense lockdowns and thousands of deaths, Hubei province reported zero local cases of COVID-19 for five days in a row starting on March 19, according to CNN. On Tuesday, Hubei province reported one new case: a doctor in Wuhan’s Hubei General Hospital.

However, locals are painting a different picture that suggests that China is not being completely honest about its COVID-19 numbers.

If a recently shared video by Jennifer Zeng on Twitter is any indication, the number of casualties in China due to the novel coronavirus pandemic may be way higher than the official figure that the Chinese government has released. Zeng apparently released a video of an infected patient who was denied treatment at an unidentified hospital in China as authorities wanted to maintain their “zero new cases” record.


“Hospital refuses to admit #CCPVirus patient as they want to keep “zero new case” record,” she captioned the video. “Upset family starts a fight with staff, on March 23, Not sure which hospital.”

Video below:

China is lying and hide it’s information from the world, which is why we are in this mess in the first place.

Another video from Jennifer shows the real situation in China:

China is hiding their real number of cases. Never trust Communists.

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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