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Video: Residents Allegedly Dropping Large Bags Full Of Urine On People For Not Staying Inside During COVID19 Lockdown

As of today, over three billion people around the world are undergoing a degree of home lockdown and social distancing. Nearly 70 countries have introduced some kind of home confinement measure, from mandatory lockdowns enforced by police or military, to milder isolation recommendations and curfews.

India, the second-most populous country in the world, has introduced incredible sweeping measures to contain the spread of coronavirus. For 21 days the country’s entire population of 1.3 billion will be banned from leaving their homes.

People do strange things in isolation.

In Italy, there are stories of neighborhoods coming together in mass singalongs and balcony raves popped up across social media.

Recently a video surfaced on Twitter where residents are allegedly dropping huge trash bags full of urine on people who do not respect the lockdown.

Video below:

Those people are apparently worried about coronavirus – yet they’re throwing urine from their window.

People should stop acting like is the end of the world and start acting like humans again.

In many places, people were spotted as they spread the virus deliberately.

One video shows a Chinese woman deliberately sneezing on produce while at a supermarket in Australia:

The woman was later arrested for causing a disruption.

A police officer is heard telling the woman to “put your hands out” and “you’re resisting arrest” as she pulled her shopping bag away.

Video below:

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