Two Days After Jacksonville Jaguars Fan Decided to Send a Stunning Message To The NFL Form 1,000 Feet Above Look What Happened To Him

The NFL will pay a price for disrespecting the country that made them rich. Disrespecting our flag and our anthem is not the way to protest nor the place to protest! We The People are pissed at the disrespect to our military and our country! If the NFL or owners had a backbone they could stop this insanity in its tracks by just a few rules.

A former Jacksonville Jaguars fan Terry Smiley, decided to send a stunning message to the NFL form 1,000 feet above. Terry Smiley hired a pilot to fly his banner, which read “BE AMERICAN. BOYCOTT THE JAGS AND THE NFL,” over EverBank Field on Sunday before the Jaguars faced off against the Los Angeles Rams.

I have the right to protest and I’m going to protest it with bumper stickers, airplanes – whatever I got to do. I will continue to protest,” Smiley said.

As part of his campaign against the NFL, Smiley is giving away bumper stickers in hopes other supporters will join him.

What he was not expecting was what would happen just 48 hours after the bold decision that’s never been done before but was his right as a citizen of this free country.

Action News Jax reported that Smiley hired a pilot to pull a banner that encouraged fellow Jacksonvillians to boycott the team with his banner that read: “Be American. Boycott the Jags & The NFL.” This in-your-face approach didn’t sit too well with pouty kneeling players who think that they are only entitled to an opinion and publicly expressing it.

“This all-American sport is dividing fans after some NFL players took a knee during the national anthem,” Action News Jax reports. “I am asking people to boycott the football games. I don’t watch it on TV,” Smiley told the paper. Jaguars fan Jay Crossman chimed in on that sentiment saying, “People’s feelings about politics and football seem to bleed together on the turf. People need to realize the true message that they’re trying to send.”

Football players seem to think football is a necessity in people’s lives. News flash: it’s entertainment, pure and simple. Everyone can live without it. You are not researchers looking for the cure to cancer, you are not teachers guiding the next generation to greatness, you are not farmers growing our crops. You only “entertain”, you are not indispensable. Remember that!!

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Alex D.

Alex D is a conservative journalist, who covers all issues of importance for conservatives. He writes for Supreme Insider, Red State Nation, Defiant America, and Right Journalism. He brings attention and insight from what happens in the White House to the streets of American towns, because it all has an impact on our future, and the country left for our children. Exposing the truth is his ultimate goal, mixed with wit where it's appropriate, and feels that journalism shouldn't be censored. Join him & let's spread the good word!

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Jeff Huddleston
Jeff Huddleston
4 years ago

The NFL (owners and employees) need to understand that when we used to watch the games, we did not care what they think about politics (or anything else but football, for that matter.) If the employees feel like they have something important to say, they can say it some other time, some other place, and not disrespect the country that allows them to make outrageous salaries to play a game. The owners need to develop a spine and establish a rule that their employees stand and show respect during the presentation of the flag. The employees need to follow the policies and rules established. Until they show respect for the US (whether they mean it or not), everyone should boycott the NFL.

4 years ago

I think the man is 100% right and I will not spend one penny of my money to see a bunch of cupcakes dis the United States and the people that protect her. I will never watch the nfl again and am trying to get a list of advertisers so that I can boycott them. I may watch college football until they start taking a knee. The most fun to watch is the high school football.

John Vangel
John Vangel
4 years ago

These (players) need to realize that they are not indispensable, we can definitely live without them !

4 years ago

I have alot of respect for this x-fan!
He did the right thing!

Marilyn Schmucky
4 years ago

I have quit watching the NFL games, which is saying a lot as I am one female who likes football games. But I will not watch anyone disrespect our Flag, National Anthem, or any symbol of this great country of ours. These cowardly high paid football players that think we can’t do without them are sadly mistaken. I still enjoy the college football games and have enjoyed spending the extra time with family and friends talking about things that truly matter in life instead of NFL football!

Marilyn Schmucky
4 years ago

I not only boycott NFL football but all sponsors of all NFL games. I refuse to buy any products advertised!!!!

4 years ago

Several comments re: the NFL protests. Read in today’s TU that Mark Lamping apologized to the military.
What about an apology to police, fans, etc?
I had several club seats from team’s inception but thankfully had not renewed this yr. To pay money (it was over $1,000 per game) and be a captive audience to the tasteless rude protests would & do realy offend me. I am a naturalized U.S. citizen who has been in Florida over 40 yrs. I swore allegiance to Flag and take that very seriously. The disrespect to the flag, the military, the police, and to all fans who pay handomely to go to NFL games is extremely offensive. Made even worse when the team stood for UK anthem.
The players certainly do have a right to protest and they have some valid concerns and issues, but as the law of physics states, “every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” Players must be educated to understand this. In this particular case, Fans have a right to protest, refuse to attend or watch games, etc. I understand a fan who was protesting by handing out bumper stickers or posters in protest was removed from the area. He has a right to be there & to protest just as does anyone else!
In what other country could athletes have the freedom and ability to protest as they are doing?
They are millionaires who are blessed in so many ways by living in USA with all our freedoms. Can the “racism” be improved upon? Absolutely! But the players must find some constructive way in which to proceed. Their actions are accomplishing abolutely nothing constructive, merely antagonizing the fans and an enormous segment of the population.
People tend to watch sporting events to escape frome drudgeries of life including politics. Football is (at least “was”) an escape. Now that football has become political, whatever your party of preference, who wants to go watch protests, especially to have to pay dearly for this privilege.
I grew up with a love for football but it has now been destroyed.
I do not plan to attend another NFL game + have not watched one since the London fiasco and have no intention of doing so. I have coffe with a group of friends every day and can tell you they all feel the same, much more strongly than myself.
In Jax this is all further aggravated by fact we have had such a poor and non-competitive team for so many yrs. and I like other fans spent a great deal of money supporting them only to later hear that they were rebuilding and did not expect to win; without of course telling this to paying fans. It hurts!
There is a major NFL protest planned for Veterans Day. I Know many will be involved and support this. Unfortunately the fans who bought season tickets have spent a great deal of money and I have not heard any offers to refund money so I anticipate many season ticket holders will feel obligated to attend. Thankfully I am no longer in this camp. I know many ticket holders have no intention of renwing next year because of the protests.
Again, players do have a right to protest but so do fans who will protest by not paying for tickets, not watching broadcasts, and no longer supporting team’s sponsors. When teams and league income drops what will happen to plyers who demand an increase in salary? Where will the money come from? What will happen to teams with small attendance numbers, especially teams like Jags in small market who also have shrunken TV audience? Time to think about this. I do not see any diminution in protests coming in immediate future. Kahn is an extremely sharp business man he should appreciate the situation. Because the London telecast was international plus first game of day it was seen by may and every picture I see on internet discussing dropping attendance has a photo of Jags in London. Great portrayal of Jacksonville disrespecting the american people!
Paying to attend a game and having to watch this tasteless disrespect of over half the country is simply unacceptable.
There are and will be consequences!
It should be added that Kahn appears disingenuous re: his Trump comments. There were protests long before Trump made his opinion known. Trump just stated what a huge percentage of football fans have been saying. Kahn was the one on the field with players sitting for US anthem & standing for UK anthem. For Kahn to try & turn this around to blame Trump is highly disingenuous. Perhaps Trump fanned the flames a bit but he is not the one whose photo is plastered everywhere in newspapers + all over internet arm in arm with players many of whom are kneeling. Our Jags have become the poster child for the protests and that’s disgusting!

Jacksonville, FL

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