Donald Trump Just Perfectly Trolled the Women’s March in One EPIC Tweet

A year after millions of snowflakes turned out for the Women’s March and took to the streets en masse to protest President Trump’s inauguration, demonstrators gathered on Saturday in cities across the United States again!

The coordinated rallies in Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and about 250 other cities are a reprise of the mass protests that marked the beginning of Trump’s presidency. Sister rallies were also planned in Britain, Japan, and other countries.

The reasons for their protest are unknown but President Trump has his own theory!

And President Trump is right again!

While Obama just shrugged his shoulders and made excuses, Trump is showing what he is doing and he is winning big time. In the final weeks of the Trump’s first year in office, the economy is booming! Trump has doubled the GDP Growth in less than a year!

It looks like 2018 is going to be a very profitable year.

Only 12 months ago, the Dems insisted that 2% was a gift and 3% was NOT possible! Were they just wrong and stupid or was that their definition of “Transforming America”?

President Trump is just getting warmed up!!!! On our way to 5.0 GDP. Keep up the good work Mr. President.

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Alex D.

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