Transgender “Girl” Shocked That Straight Guys Won’t Date Her, So She Changes Strategy (Video)

Modern dating is a complicated endeavor. In an age of innumerable online sites, texting, and a breakdown of the morality that once guided males and females in the quest for love, it no longer resembles the courtships of yesteryear.

Now add in the blurred lines of sexuality and gender, and it’s become a veritable minefield. Such is the case of transgender teenagers, like Claire, who began identifying as female several years ago and is now searching for a boyfriend.

Claire is featured with other transgenders on the BBC Three Documentary, Young, Trans, and Looking for Love. Watch the video below!

Hoping to find a boyfriend, she reveals that she doesn’t like telling people the truth and is desperate for an operation.

She says: “In a lot of ways, I don’t like telling a guy. Once I tell him all respect goes out of the window.” (Hmmm, ya think?)

“Straight guys just can’t get over you having the male parts. (How shocking!)

“Once I’ve had or get the surgery, I think it will change a lot for me because right now if I meet a straight guy and he doesn’t know – we can’t get physical if I don’t tell him.

“And then if he finds out, things just get so complicated, I can’t even begin to explain.” (Perhaps not lying in the first place would be useful.)

The entire drama is incomprehensible on so many levels but reveals much about the snowflake generation that has been shielded from reality for their whole lives.

At some point, someone – a parent, a teacher, a healthcare provider, a friend, a pastor – should have informed Claire that gender is not something you wish for and magically everyone will go along with your reality. Most males like females – real biological females – and that includes more than just acting like a girl or having female parts.

Human sexuality is a complex process, with much of the “chemistry” behind male-female connections being just that – thousands of actual chemical reactions. No biologically male body, even with make-up, an effeminate demeanor, surgery, and hormonal therapy can create the thousands of other hormonal and pheromonal reactions that come along with being a female. These are things that are imperceptible nuances, some of which science is still attempting to understand.

Another serious issue with Claire’s thought process is lying to her potential suitors, once she’s had surgery. Most red-blooded males, upon finding out that they’ve had intimate relations with another male – regardless of the packaging – would likely be appalled, if not outright angry. She risks their psychological well-being to enhance her own in the short-term. Since sexuality and psychology are so interwound, it’s not hard to envision that she also risks her own life by luring potential victims into her web of deceit.

How would you react to finding out your girlfriend is actually a biological male?

Watch this video:

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Michelle M.

Michelle is an American conservative author she is committed to the constitutional principles of individual freedom, economic liberty, limited government, personal responsibility, and traditional values. She is a libertarian and provocateur who believes in freedom and liberty for all Americans. As a passionate journalist, she works relentlessly to uncover the corruption happening in Washington, while exposing politicians and individuals who wish to do us harm.

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6 years ago

After reading and watching that article something horrible just struck me. One of these little trans could end up being found dead without stretching the imagination. A mans ego is pretty fragile and I would suggest these young woman- men best come clean. I could really see a young man losing it and hurting or even worse to these girls (I guess)!

6 years ago

Chix with Dix, kinda off putting

6 years ago

As a male, it is important to me to ignore females who talk and write about most topics but especially when they talk about sexually retarded boys and men. I don’t accept the term lover or girlfriend. Whore works much better. A gay male whore playing dress up with criminal doctors titties (that include females with implants, gross) is not going to be “discovered” because I and you men reading this should never be interesting in whores.

First, get a career or business. Second, be loyal to your face which is the color of your skin. Third, look to breeding genetics and personality genes. Fourth, get a commitment contract or marriage. Five, breed your nations people and push out all immigrants. Six, boycott all gay businesses and people who are actually in the group of many many types of perversion which I like to call the rainbow predators. Seven, keep those kids off TV and out of gay schools and make the men, men and women, women. Make it clear that all forms of sexual deformity are a sickness and that gay is a criminal world of prey and predators with hypnosis, NLP, and tonnes of drugs and diseases that have yet to be admitted by the mafia of homo predator doctors who are literally insane and evil for inventing fake sex changes so most gay men can trick and con straight but gullible boys.

Life is not centered on finding love, especially if you’ve lost your morals and haven’t found your mind yet.

6 years ago

Why is it my job to “get over” your having male parts, when YOU are misrepresenting yourself in the first place. I am not into guys, not even effeminate guys, and surgery DOESN’T change your DNA. I don’t have to accept this as normal, that is MY decision to make, not yours.