Sessions Just Got Asked If Black Lives Matter Is An Extremist Group. His Reply Will Surprise You! (Video)

There should be little doubt that the Deep State operatives inside the DOJ and FBI are covering for the massive corruption of the Obama administration and other high-level bureaucrats that if exposed would send the entire Washington establishment into a downward spiral from which they would never recover.

I was so happy when Sessions was appointed as AG. Since then I kept waiting for justice to be served on so many corruption issues from the last administration, but it never happens. No wonder President Trump is so angry with him.
Today he showed some signs of why he was appointed as an AG when he was asked if BLM is an extremist group!

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was on Capitol Hill Tuesday, spending his day being alternately fluffed and grilled by the House Judiciary Committee’s Republican and Democratic members, respectively.

During his testimony, Congresswoman Karen Bass, a California Democrat, pressed Sessions about a recent FBI report that described “Black Identity Extremists” as a possible terrorist threat to the United States and domestic law enforcement agencies.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he is unfamiliar with an FBI report about black “extremists” that is alarming some lawmakers.

The 12-page FBI intelligence assessment describes “black identity extremist” groups the FBI says are targeting law enforcement after police killings of black men. Foreign Policy first reported on the assessment, which drew outrage from some black lawmakers.

Sessions wouldn’t say whether he considers Black Lives Matter an extremist group.
Democratic Rep. Karen Bass pressed Sessions on the report during a Tuesday oversight hearing before the House Judiciary Committee.

Sessions said he believed there were certain minority groups with the potential for violence. He struggled to answer when asked the same about white groups. He wouldn’t say whether he considers Black Lives Matter an extremist group.

It was a tense exchange for Sessions, whose political career has been dogged by questions about race.

So you think should Sessions be fired?

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Alex D.

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