Photos & Video: Antifa Chased Away And Tackled A Man That Was Carrying BLM Flag During A Protest In Downtown Portland -They Say That Is Andy Ngo In Disguise

Friday marked one year after continuous protests in Portland began during the wake of Floyd’s death.

On the anniversary of George Floyd’s death this week, tensions between Portland police and anti-police activists erupted Tuesday evening, ensuing in a riot, property damage, and five arrests.

Three days later, on Friday, activists gathered at Terry Schrunk Plaza on Southwest Madison Street in downtown Portland, to commemorate when Portland protests began in the wake of Floyd’s death.

In a Friday release, PPB said, “Portland Police will have extra resources assigned to monitor this event.”

PPB said officers will respond if any violence or criminal activity occurs which could threaten the safety of the community. Police said officers will also protect any building, public or private, from being damaged.

Police on Friday reported at least two arrests by 10 p.m. PT for unspecified offenses.

A group of about 100 rioters gathered at Revolution Hall, where protests began a year ago, according to the news site. Around 8 p.m. PT they began marching, then stopping periodically as speakers addressed the crowd.

Shortly before 10 p.m. PT, another group gathered outside the Multnomah County Justice Center, another frequent site of unrest and vandalism, according to the news site. Authorities made at least two arrests at that location, the outlet reported.

Antifa also chased away a man they say is Andy Ngo during last night’s protests according to posts on social media.

One video posted online claimed to show Ngo being assisted by police inside the lobby of a downtown hotel after the writer apparently eluded a group.

Subsequent posts claimed Ngo was eventually able to leave the hotel, reportedly after receiving some medical attention.

Photos also reveal that a person wearing black clothes and a BLM flag was chased away from a gathering outside the Justice Center in downtown Portland tonight, and later tackled

Protesters believe the person was Andy Ngo in disguise!

Photos below:

Photos from the person that is allegedly Andy Ngo:

Portland police arrived on the scene outside a downtown hotel that a person protesters say is Andy Ngo was chased into

At least one arrest made.

Video below:

The arrested person’s phone continued to stream video after it was placed in an evidence bag:

As of 5 a.m. ET Saturday, Ngo himself had not posted on Twitter about the alleged incident

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