First Lady Melania Trump Visits Arizona Border And Crushes Dem Narrative In Speech To Immigration Enforcement! (Video)

During her visit to Tucson, Melania Trump visited a Customs and Border Patrol facility, for a roundtable discussion with the Border Patrol, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the US Marshals Service and a local rancher.

She thanked immigration enforcement in Arizona.

Watch the video below!

First Lady said, “I want to thank you for your hard work that you do.”

“Thank you, first of all, for having me here,” Melania said. “I want to thank you for the hard work that you do. I know how dangerous and difficult your daily jobs are. So, I really appreciate all you do for–on behalf of the country.”

“I’m looking forward to our discussion and to tour the facility. I’m here to support you, and give my help, whatever I can, for behalf of the children and the families. Thank you for having me. Thank you.”

Melania Trump is a classy First Lady that Americans can be proud of. Truly worthy First Lady since First Lady Kennedy. She is classy, well manner cares about children and stand up character.

She knows the legal way to come to this country and become a citizen.

Thank you for helping us see what is truly going on and how many people cross in just one day. 1,600 today, and we pay for their healthcare, even surgeries…our homeless do not get that care!

Thank you, Melania, for making this public!

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Alex D.

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