More Winning! 2.8 Million People Drop Off Food Stamps Under President Trump

The state of the American welfare system after Barack Obama is beyond sad. Sadly some of the welfare people are more concerned about their food stamps than for other people’s lives…

Liberals love welfare programs to control the voting populace. Free stuff gets the vote so that works for them. The problem is, nothing is for free and somebody else is paying for them. But, luckily the end is near!

More than 2.8 million people dropped off food stamps since President Trump’s first full month in office, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Via Breitbart:

Since President Trump served his first full month in office in February 2017—when food stamp enrollment was at 42,134,301— participation in the federal government’s food stamp program decreased by 2,804,945 to 39,329,356, USDA data shows.

Trump released an executive order on welfare reform in April that would require the USDA to issue updated rules for those receiving benefits such as food stamps, and invest in workforce development programs.

The USDA also hired an “integrity officer” in March to bolster the administration’s efforts to prevent SNAP fraud, and announced in February the rollout of its “Harvest Box” program to give food stamp recipients a box of shelf-stable food as part of their monthly benefits package.

The continued decline in the number of individuals enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)—the federal government program in charge of administering food stamps—during Trump’s year and a half as president is consistent with the downward trend in SNAP enrollment since 2013.

When the Obama administration was in power, in 2013, enrollment in the program reached its highest levels in the nation’s history.

On Thursday President Trump tweeted that he wanted to get work requirements for food stamps implemented at the federal level when the House and Senate meet to work on the latest Farm Bill.

Great news – shows that Trump’s policies are putting people back to work! Welfare and food stamps are meant to be a “helping hand”, not a way of life! Good luck to those who have found a job – every job is important and has dignity and should not be looked down on! You can reach your goals with hard work, education, and commitment, not standing on a tiny hill of crumbs that the government gives you to barely survive on!

Please keep up the great work President Trump. You put the worthless Obama and Bush to shame not to mention the lowlife corrupt Clintons. Continue to clean the swamp and please have the nation swept of all illegals leeching off the US. You are appreciated by millions and millions of ordinary Americans who realize what a difference you have made, the unreal energy and strength you display, and the onslaught of unfair assaults by the sorry media liars.

We love you and the First Lady, President Trump. May God richly bless and keep you.

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Michelle M.

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