Korean War Vet Thanks President Trump With A Heartfelt Poem As Remains of Fallen Heroes Are Finally Returned Home (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, 55 boxes containing remains of U.S. service members, killed in the Korean War were returned to American soil from North Korea. This was something that deserved significant media coverage. However, only Fox News decided to cover the event live. The other two major cable networks, CNN and MSNBC, did not.

But, even though the establishment media ignored this story, a Korean War veteran did not.

In an interview with The Daily Caller, Samuel Fielder said that President Donald Trump is “the second father of our country” for the deal Trump struck to bring home the remains of Americans killed in the Korean War.

“He has fought for us, and he’s got these prisoners coming home, and all the people in the United States should be cheering and thanking him for it, not knocking him for it,” he said. Fielder blamed the media for dividing America.

“The media is trying with now all this propaganda to turn people against Trump. That’s what they’re trying to do,” he said.

Growing up during World War II “patriotism was the only thing,” Fielder said.

He contrasted that with the America of today.

“I think if we got in a war in this country half of them would be on the other side, and that’s exactly how I feel,” he said.

Fielder shared short poem in which he praised President Trump and attacked Obama.

“Sixteen hundred and twenty, Christ was brought across the sea;
“Shook the Pilgrims’ noble hands and formed our destiny;
“Then Obama came along to take away our liberty;
“Then Trump came marching in, glory glory Hallelujah!” Fielder said.

This is what Trump does… Fights every day for America. It is wonderful that President Trump is providing closure to our Korean vets and their families. This means a lot to me being an American citizen, but can you imagine the intensity of feeling that must run through the hearts of patriots that served in this war as well as their families?

This great patriot and the 94 year old from the VFW convention last week understand what all of the liberals take for granted.

Do you agree?

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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