High School Student Slaps Teacher, Then Calls Her Mom To Complain The Teacher Is Black (Video)

Recently, a video has gone viral.

A female student was caught on video storming the teacher as she was getting reported to the principal, slapping the teacher’s arm, then calling her mom to actually make some sort of case for herself.

The student is heard on the phone with her mother saying: You wanna talk to her?! Because she’s black and she’s pissing me off!”

This video that was first posted on Reddit and is now trending shows that a teacher was slapped by one of the female students in her class. The incident took place at Castleberry High School in Fort Worth Texas.

Later she calls her mom and explains the reason why she did it. She mentions that she did it because she is Black and that she has been pissing her off.

The student was caught using offensive words and throwing a phone at her. It appears that the video was captured by one of the students in the class.

Video below:

People have been passing generic comments on school.

Natalie Dagenhardt

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