BREAKING! This State Became the First State to Implement Work Requirements for Medicaid

Working builds self-esteem. Every able-bodied adult ( not disabled or elderly) who is not already working, needs to be doing something for their taxpayer-funded benefits.

If you are able to protest then, you are able to work.

Kentucky became the first state to implement work requirements for able-bodied adults after the Donald Trump administration approved their waiver.

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin said on Friday,

With the federal approval of our Medicaid waiver, Kentucky will lead the nation in constructive changes to Medicaid. This marks the first significant change to a federal entitlement program in more than 20 years.

The result will be a transformational improvement in the overall health of our people and will provide a model for other states to follow.

Aides to Gov. Bevin estimated that roughly half of 350,000 Kentucky Medicaid recipients already meet the new Medicaid requirements to work at least 80 hours per month, volunteer, or commit to job training.

Under the waiver, Kentucky Medicaid recipients will have to submit documentation proving that they comply with the Medicaid work rules.

The Kentucky government suggested that with the Medicaid work requirements, they will save roughly $2 billion federal and state dollars over the next five years.

The Medicaid work requirements would only apply to able-bodied working age adults; Americans with disabilities, older Americans, children, and pregnant women would not have to comply with potential Medicaid work stipulations.

One Bevin staffer suggested that the state’s Medicaid rolls will be reduced by roughly 95,000 within the next five years because of the work requirements.

God bless Kentucky! All states need to do this.

Alex D.

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