Anti-Trump Mayor Taunts Lock-Down Protesters and Laid Off Workers While His Business Is Open

The U.S. debate over restrictions for fighting the coronavirus intensified, as protesters labeled mandatory lockdowns as “tyranny,” while medical workers and health experts cautioned that lifting them too soon risked unleashing a greater disaster.

Liberals want a lockdown but only if that doesn’t hurt their business.
From BLN News:

In response to citizens peaceably protesting yesterday-

Normal Il mayor taunted “nonessential” struggling citizens and business owners while his business is OPEN. The banner proves he has NO compassion for his own community. He knew people were coming to protest, his message to those NOT ALLOWED to work: his middle finger!

Worse – Koos told the police to fine or arrest nonessential citizens who dare to earn a living.

Koos was brazen enough to post this picture on his Facebook page, minus the text of course. This tyrant is proud of himself!


I own a bicycle. I ride a bicycle. Or, rather, I used to ride, before the democrat county executive closed ALL the county parks and ALL the bike trails.

In light of the ban on using a bicycle, I am failing to see how a bicycle shop qualifies as “essential”.

Koos also suffer from Trump derangement syndrome!

What this mayor is doing is almost as outrageous as the fact that nobody in his town will do anything about it.

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Alex D.

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