Video: This Was The Crowd Biden Drew In New Hampshire Tonight – Paint Drying Could Do Better Than This

President Biden has “abandoned” the state of New Hampshire, according to the Republican National Committee, which has compiled an extensive list of contributing factors. Here are a few of them.

“Living in the ‘Live Free or Die’ state has become increasingly unaffordable under Bidenomics as prices overall have risen by 9% since Biden took office. Inflation has cost the average New Hampshire family $24,113 since Biden took office, according to Congress’ Joint Economic Committee,” the committee said in a report released Tuesday and shared with Inside the Beltway.

“Illegal immigration along the northern border around New Hampshire has surged to unprecedented levels under Biden. Since Biden took office, Border Patrol have arrested nearly 15,000 illegal immigrants attempting to cross the northern border illegally in the Swanton Sector. Earlier this month, Border Patrol in the Swanton Sector reported that they made a year’s worth of apprehensions in a single week,” the report said, citing statistics from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

That didn’t stopped Biden to visit New Hampshire again and it was a total embarrassment!

Below we have a video that was ignored by the MSM and the Dems tried to cover up the whole situation but just watch:

Here’s what the mainstream media said about the speech!

Biden, in his second trip to New Hampshire this election year, marked a milestone for the PACT Act: Veterans Affairs’ approval of the 1 millionth claim under the law. He pointed to the data as evidence that he is following through with the country’s “sacred obligation” to take care of America’s veterans.

“You are the solid steel spine of our nation — and that’s not hyperbole,” Biden told a small audience that included veterans, their families and local officials.

“Just as you’ve done your duty to America,” he said, “we’re finally beginning to do our duty to you.”

While the legislation won Biden widespread praise from veterans in the audience, not all of them are ready to reward him with their votes in November because of it.

“The PACT Act is one of the most influential bills to affect veterans in probably the last 75 years,” Navy veteran Paul Lloyd said. But when he was asked whether he plans to vote for Biden for signing the law, Lloyd said that he’s “on the fence” and that taking care of veterans is a “bipartisan issue.”

Here’s what really happened:

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