Video Surface From Jack Angeli Where He States That He Is “Military Intelligence” After The ‘QAnon Shaman’ Said He Is Willing To Testify At The Impeachment Trial Against Trump

On January 6th, a mob of extremists stormed the United States Capitol.

The riots resulted in the deaths of at least five people, and dozens of the participants were later arrested.

One of them is Jacob Chansley, sometimes known as Jake Angeli or “The QAnon Shaman.” Chansley went viral during and after the riots for infiltrating the Senate floor while shirtless and wearing horns.

Chansley was arrested three days after the riots and later publicly called on then-President Trump to pardon him, saying he felt he was answering Trump’s call.
In a memorandum earlier this month arguing to keep Angeli detained pending his trial, prosecutors also alleged that he wrote a threatening note to former Vice President Mike Pence and left it on the dais, telling him: “It’s only a matter of time, justice is coming.” (Prosecutors also said that Angeli “demonstrates scattered and fanciful thoughts, and is unable to appreciate reality.”)

Angeli told VICE News earlier this month he was “not worried at all” about the pending investigation into him. “I’m quite proud of my participation,” Angeli said at the time. “I’d like to think I was an observer of history being made right in front of me.”

He’s since said through his lawyer—Albert Watkins—that he was “duped” by Trump.

Now—with Trump impeached by the House for a second time as a result of the riots—Senators have been sworn in to act as jurors for the former President’s impeachment trial.

Speaking to The Hill, Watkins confirmed that Chansley would be willing to testify at the trial that his actions at the Capitol were incited by Trump’s election lies.

It’s unclear if Democrats would take him up on that offer, or if they’re going to call for witnesses at all—a stark contrast from Trump’s first impeachment, where Democrats resoundingly decried Senate Republicans’ blocking of witnesses.

Today a video was sent to us by a reader who wishes to stay anonymous where Jack Angeli while speaking with several people states that he is “Military Intelligence” while being reminded of what he has done in the past by an individual nearby.

Interesting how the video cuts immediately after he
says that he is “Military Intelligence”.

Video below:

As we previously reported Angeli is an actor from Phoenix Arizona.
Image below:

Was this part of his act or he is mentally unstable we can’t tell for sure.

Michelle M.

Michelle is an American conservative author she is committed to the constitutional principles of individual freedom, economic liberty, limited government, personal responsibility, and traditional values. She is a libertarian and provocateur who believes in freedom and liberty for all Americans. As a passionate journalist, she works relentlessly to uncover the corruption happening in Washington, while exposing politicians and individuals who wish to do us harm.

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