Video: GameStop Gate – WH Refuses To Comment On Yellen’s Hedge Fund Ties

Janet Yellen, President-elect Joe Biden’s pick for Treasury secretary, collected more than $7 million in speaking fees during more than 50 in-person and virtual engagements over the past two years, according to financial disclosures released Thursday.

Her fees came from Citadel too – which has invested billions of dollars in the primary hedge fund now suffering as a result of the GameStop stock surge.

Yellen’s financial disclosures reveal over 60 speeches to financial firms, and items 25, 29, and 49 on the list shows her receiving a sum of $810,000 from Citadel in speaking fees.
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On Thursday, Robinhood, an online brokerage firm, blocked retail investors trading GameStop and other stocks – a clear manipulation – in order to stop the bleeding and protect Citadel, a multinational hedge fund with a vested interest in Robinhood.

Citadel and Point72 infused nearly $3 billion into Melvin Capital, a hedge fund that took a beating after betting against GameStop as Reddit traders caused GME to soar.

A person who purports to be a Robinhood employee (unconfirmed) blew the whistle on a conversation that went down with the brokerage firm’s C-Suite, Sequoia Capital (a venture capital firm that focuses on tech), AND THE WHITE HOUSE.

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The stock manipulation is a scandal in itself but if the White House was involved and pressured the online brokerage firms to halt trading, the scandal will officially be HUGE.

Was Janet Yellen involved in the halting of trading in order to protect Citadel, a hedge fund that previously paid her nearly $1 million in speaking fees?

The move has been widely viewed as protecting Wall Street hedge funds, whom Yellen has made millions speaking from, while “selling out” the little guy.

Citadel recently funneled billions into Melvin Capital Management according to The Wall Street Journal.

Biden’s White House press secretary refused to comment on Secretary Yellen’s engagements and speaking fees from Wall Street hedge fund being protected by the White House.
She bragged about Yellen being a woman and said she’s “one of the world-renowned experts on markets.”

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Lawmakers from both major parties criticized Robinhood on Thursday after the California-based financial services firm announced it had restricted its customers’ ability to buy stock in GameStop and other companies whose shares have been driven up by retail investors organized online.

Robinhood announced earlier in the day that it had limited trade in GameStop and other stocks targeted by investors on the irreverent WallStreetBets Reddit forum, citing “recent volatility.”

Investors from the message board had sent shares of the video game retailer up 1,500% in recent weeks, in the process pulling off a calamitous “squeeze” for hedge funds who had bet the company’s shares would continue to slide. In a reversal, shares of GameStop tanked on Thursday after the restrictions were put in place.

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