US Ambassador Nikki Haley Slams UN Security Council’s Failed Syrian Truce (VIDEO)

Speaking at a UN Security Council meeting on Monday, US Ambassador Nikki Haley said that it was ready to act in Syria, if needed, to end chemical attacks and “inhuman suffering,” as it pushed for a new 30-day ceasefire in Eastern Ghouta.

Haley said: “This is no ceasefire. This is the Assad regime, Iran, and Russia continuing to wage war against their political opponents.”

The US ambassador recalled that US President Donald Trump had ordered missile strikes on a Syrian air base in April last year in retaliation for a sarin gas attack blamed on President Bashar Assad’s forces. She told the Security Council that if the 15-member body failed to act on Syria then Washington “remains prepared to act if we must,” just as it did in April last year when the United States bombed a Syrian government air base it said was used to launch a deadly chemical weapons attack.

She added: “In the end, that’s what makes the work of this Council possible – trust. If we can’t count on the members of the Council to honor their agreements, we can’t accomplish anything. And if we can’t act when children are dying, we have no business being here. If we can’t save families that haven’t seen the sun for weeks because they have been hiding underground to escape barrel bombs, then the Security Council is as impotent as its worst critics say it is.”

“We also warn any nation that is determined to impose its will through chemical attacks and inhuman suffering, most especially the outlaw Syrian regime: the United States remains prepared to act if we must,” Haley said.

She also said the council is “so obsessed with unity and that’s great and it’s pretty and it’s nice, but if unity doesn’t accomplish anything it’s not good for anybody.”

Nikki Haley is the voice that’s needed at the UN. She is the embodiment of empowerment for women! I recall a year ago when she was announced as the U.N. Ambassador how the liberal progressive left denigrated, disparaged, and disrespected her and dismissed her accomplishments. They made comments about her competence and ability to understand foreign policy. They displayed the typical leftist hypocrisy when it comes to the real war on women, conservative women.

Well, today, there will be another confrontation between Ambassador Haley and this gathering of, well, chuckleheads. And unlike the previous U.N. ambassador, Samantha Power, Ambassador Haley will shine incompetence, resolute strength and intestinal fortitude.

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Natalie Dagenhardt

Natalie Dagenhardt is an American conservative writer who writes for  Right Journalism! Natalie has described herself as a polemicist who likes to "stir up the pot," and does not "pretend to be impartial or balanced, as broadcasters do," drawing criticism from the left, and sometimes from the right. As a passionate journalist, she works relentlessly to uncover the corruption happening in Washington. She is a "constitutional conservative".