Video: Protest Started In Waukesha Over The Anti-White Terror Attack But It Looks Like There Are Only 20 Protesters And People Allege That They Are Paid Actors

The mainstream media tried to cover up the fact that the man who rammed into Waukesha’s Christmas parade last week was an anti-white nationalist. The media is covering it up actively but the black person responsible for ramming his car into a Christmas parade of overwhelmingly white people had posted calls to attack white people and numerous anti-white posts.

The attacker goes by the name Darrell E. Brooks Jr., and Darrell Edward Brooks, Jr. He is 39-years-old.

Brooks was released from jail just three days before the attack after paying a small bail over multiple open felony and misdemeanor charges. Brooks has a long violent criminal history spanning multiple states.

Several people have questioned the recent media decision to refer to a man allegedly driving through a crowd of people in Waukesha as a “crash.”

Suspect Darrell Brooks was charged last week with five counts of first-degree intentional homicide for allegedly plowing his SUV through crowds of Christmas parade-goers, according to the Waukesha County District Attorney’s Office. After a sixth child victim was reported, prosecutions announced more charges that are currently pending.

Dozens of injuries have also been reported from the scene.

When CBS and CBS reporter David Begnaud reported the charges, however, many were struck by how the broadcast station referred to his alleged act as a “crash.”

This reference to the Waukesha tragedy as a “crash” continued even after Brooks was formally charged with intentional homicide.

Although police officers have ruled out the tragedy being an act of domestic terrorism, investigators have not yet attributed a motive to Brooks’ actions. Early reports claimed that Brooks was fleeing a crime scene, but Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson stated there was no police chase against Brooks at the time.

Now the National Justice Party organized a protest demanding that brooks answer for hate crimes and domestic terrorism!

But the crowd that they gathered is comical and raises the question of whether they are just paid actors according to some people:

More videos from the protest:

People online allege that this isn’t a real protest, what’s your opinion?

Mark Van der Veen

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2 years ago

It wasn’t a “Crash”, it was a deliberate Assault with intent to kill as many as possible using a motor vehicle.