Video: Democrats Reject GOP Amendment Adding Antifa To Domestic Terrorism Bill

The far-left Antifa group is clearly the enemy of this constitutional republic. They thrive on violence and hatred, destruction. They are not American’s. The bottom line is- No civilized nation on earth should have to put up with terror groups like “Antifa.”

Unfortunately, the Dems don’t want to label Antifa as terrorists.

As WASHINGTONEXAMINER.COM: reported The House Judiciary Committee passed a bill on Wednesday that would establish offices in the Justice and Homeland Security Departments dedicated to rooting out domestic terrorist threats but rejected a Republican amendment that would have added language about Antifa.

The Dems want to target far-right-wing groups.

The bill, introduced by Democrats, aims to bolster the federal government’s response to a rise in white supremacist and far-right-wing extremist activity in the United States.

The GOP will not go down without a fight but things are difficult according to the latest reports.

Rep. Ken Buck, a Republican, called the bill “one-sided” as he introduced an amendment that would add antifa and other far-left extremist groups to the bill.

Buck introduced an amendment that listed more than 80 incidents of violence tied to antifa and other left-wing extremists and warned Democrats the Republican-controlled Senate would not pass the domestic terrorism bill without his amendment attached.

“If we are serious about attacking about white supremacism, which I absolutely want to do, and did as a prosecutor, let’s make this a bipartisan bill,” he said.

Buck’s amendment failed on a party-line vote, and the bill will now go before the House floor for a full vote.

Video below:

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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