Video: Biden Walks Off Camera During Live Town Hall – The Campaign Put Up A Logo To Cover It Up

I don’t believe President Trump was ever worried about Joe Biden being a serious threat. Biden has a long history of gaffes and has proved himself to not be the sharpest knife in the drawer throughout his career.

Throughout his decades of public service, the former Senator and current Vice President has earned a reputation for often saying the wrong thing at the wrong time

Yesterday was no different.

He tried to hold a virtual town hall meeting and things got pretty bad.

At one moment he wandered off-camera as he was babbling about the Amazon forest burning and how if he were president he would offer $20 billion to protect agriculture internationally and the campaign put up a logo to cover it up.

Video below:

This is serious. No-fault of his. He definitely speaks word salad, very common for Alzheimer’s. It’s sad his family and Dr would allow him to continue. There may HH ave been a time for him to run for POTUS but no more. He needs close supervision for his own safety.

It’s the absurdity of thinking that the once-great Democratic Party is about to run someone who is “sick and impaired” for President, especially at a time of a rapidly escalating national crisis. The narcissism is astonishing. Forgive me if I find humor in it.

I suspect they’ve already written off 2020 but will never admit it. Look at the states in play now that went blue in 2016. This entire generation of Dem politicians (too many of them in their 70s and 80s!) have been exposed as corrupt frauds. It’s conceivable they won’t win again for a generation.

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Alex D.

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