Video: Conservative Activist In Pelosi’s District Found Piles Of Human Feces, Condoms, & Needles In A Place Where Food Is Served

Trump’s supporters are not that kind of people that will just sit down and watch a beautiful city get destroyed.
They decided to make a “clean up” action in more cities.
This action comes as President Trump urged that California leads the nation, by far, in both the number of homeless people and the percentage increase in the homeless population – two terrible stats. Crazy Nancy should focus on that in her very own district, and helping her incompetent governor with the big homeless problem!

Scott Presler the leader of San Francisco “clean up” has previously cleaned up Baltimore, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

But it seems that in Pelosi’s San Francisco he saw something that you can’t see anywhere else.

To be precise in Pelosi’s district
Video below:

‪Scott Presler posted on Facebook a few days ago:

One of the most heart-wrenching videos I’ve ever filmed. ‬ ‪A woman sleeping on the streets of San Francisco, surrounded by trash & needles. ‬ ‪Why is this okay, @SpeakerPelosi? ‬ ‪Why do illegal immigrants get priority? ‬ ‪#SanFrancisco ‬
The Democrats can’t stop their only concern is how to bring in more illegals into their so-called sanctuary cities!

We all know that means more voters for them because real Americans don’t trust them and they have to rely on these votes to get elected!

But in the meantime, they destroy what was once the best place to live.

What was once a hub for newcomers is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of its former residents as more and more citizens of the San Francisco Bay Area are jumping ship at a record-breaking pace. This is what happens when one party has been in control for TOO many years.

Things would change if Pelosi eats from that food truck in the meantime people should wake up because in the last election things weren’t looking like they want to remove Pelosi.

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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