Biden Offered ‘Mass Amnesty’ by Terminating 350k Asylum Cases – A 19-Year-Old Venezuelan Illegal Immigrant Shows Us Why This Decision Will Backfire (Video)

19-year-old Venezuelan illegal immigrant shoots two police officers after they tried stopping him on his motorized scooter.

The incident comes as Biden offered ‘mass amnesty’ by terminating 350k asylum cases.

Bernardo Castro Mata pulled out a gun and started shooting as police chased after him after they saw him driving down the wrong side of the street.

The illegal had crossed the border at Eagle Pass last year and was staying at the shelter at the former Courtyard Marriott Hotel near LaGuardia Airport.

One of the officers was hit in the leg and the other was hit in the chest.

The officer who was hit in the chest was saved by his bullet proof vest.

Luckily, the officers are in “good spirits” and will recover.

Video below:

This is the only solution:

Joe Biden’s open borders are allowing violent criminals to roam our country and putting Americans’ lives in danger. Shut the border down!

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