State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert Takes CNN Reporter To Town On First Amendment (Video)

Liberals and the fake media in this country don’t care about lies or lawlessness. If they did they would have NEVER been able to stomach voting for HRC. So they can spare me the fake outrage and the attempts to demonize POTUS.

This is the reason why State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert had to give the fake news liberal reporters a lesson on First Amendment!

You had a whole lot to say about press freedom, basically speaking to the world on that,” CNN’s Michelle Kosinski said on World Press Freedom Day. “So when the President of the United States and those around him repeatedly say the words ‘fake news,’ isn’t that disinformation?”

“We’ve discussed this as well,” Nauert responded. “You and I have had many exchanges on this, and that’s part of the beauty of a free press and the beauty of a First Amendment when people can say what they want. You don’t have to agree with it, others don’t have to agree with it, but that is certainly within [Trump’s] own right to do.”

Nauert had to remind Kosinski that in other countries around the world, journalists are jailed and harassed for their work in the media.

“So because that’s not happening here, the White House lying and saying ‘fake news’ is a better deal?” Kosinski asked.

“Michelle, I’m not going to get into this,” Nauert shot back. “Look, it’s the right of the free press and of the president, and he has the right to speak his mind and has a right to be concerned about stories that he feels are inaccurate.”


Good job. Seems like media thinks only they have rights. Heaven knows there is an overabundance of agenda oriented partisan propaganda being pushed and outright fake news like yesterdays much repeated by most about Cohen being wiretapped.

Alex D.

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