President Biden Responds To A Letter From A Little Girl Who’s Upset That Men Make More Money Than Ladies And Everything Seems Fake (Screenshot)

The gender pay gap has been a longstanding issue in the United States and around the world, and it affects individuals of all ages and backgrounds. However, things changed drastically over the last decade. Recently, President Joe Biden received a letter from a little girl who was upset that men make more money than women, and his response was both “compassionate” and maybe fake.

The little girl named Charlotte wrote a heartfelt letter to President Biden in which she expressed her frustration about the gender pay gap. In her letter, she asked President Biden what he planned to do to address this issue.

Screenshot from the “letter” below:

President Biden was “moved” by the little girl’s letter and responded promptly, reassuring her that he shared her concerns and was committed to closing the gender pay gap.

Here’s his response:

Charlotte, I couldn’t agree more.

Women lose thousands of dollars each year, and hundreds of thousands over a lifetime, because of gender and racial wage gaps.

I’m committed to building an economy where my daughters have the same rights and opportunities as my sons.

President Biden’s response to Charlotte’s question was a powerful moment that demonstrated his commitment to addressing the gender pay gap and promoting equality for all if you’re brainwashed liberal.

For the rest of us, this seems like a fake letter and the response was even worse!

This letter doesn’t REEK of a PARENT. I’m sure this post wasn’t staged at all.

“Charlotte” has another letter for Biden and she makes a lot of sense in this new one!

Considering his history with little girls, can we agree to keep him the hell away from any more?

(This post may contain disputed claims. We make no assertions as to the validity of the information presented by our Opinion Columnist. This is an opinion article, and this post should be treated as such. Enjoy.)

Natalie Dagenhardt

Natalie Dagenhardt is an American conservative writer who writes for  Right Journalism! Natalie has described herself as a polemicist who likes to "stir up the pot," and does not "pretend to be impartial or balanced, as broadcasters do," drawing criticism from the left, and sometimes from the right. As a passionate journalist, she works relentlessly to uncover the corruption happening in Washington. She is a "constitutional conservative".

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1 year ago

Not even Democrats actually believe this nonsense anymore.

1 year ago

You’re doing better than little Charlotte’s mom! LOL!

Southern Yankee
Southern Yankee
1 year ago

5000 workplace deaths every year in America. 4500 are men while only 500 are women. I will not be satisfied until women catch up and have an additional 4000 die each year. Equity in pay equity in danger!

1 year ago

Senile Biden will do anything for this little girl if she will let him sniff her hair and fondle her nibbles.

Look up every body while I fondle this little girl's breast. 

Joe Biden is a pedophile..