Thugs Try To Rob Retired Police Captain At Gas Station – Receive Instant Justice (Video)

So, what do law enforcement officers really think about the 2nd Amendment? There’s been a lot of rhetoric in some circles calling police officers “red coats” or “blue isis” (that’s a real thing, check out the hashtag #BlueIsis). There is a huge amount of fear-mongering that the police will come to your door to confiscate your guns. Essentially, certain groups are assuming what police officers will do or assuming what police officers think.

I’m lucky enough to travel the country and train cops and sit down with officers and deputies from throughout this great nation that enforces laws. I know what they think, the majority supports the second amendment!

Today we have a video from a former police officer who supports the second amendment, and it seems that in his case that saved his life!

According to NBC Bay Area: A former police officer is hospitalized following a deadly shooting during a robbery at an Oakland gas station, police said.

Chief Leronne Armstrong said incident happened just after 1 p.m. at a gas station area of 17th and Castro streets. The deadly shooting marks the city’s 115th homicide this year, Armstrong said.

“Today is really something that is impacting our entire city, our community,” Armstrong said. “It’s a tragic situation. But then, it’s another senseless crime that happened in our community.”

In a police briefing on Thursday, Armstrong said one of the victims was filling up his car with gas when he was approached by several people that began to rob him of his belongings.

Police said that multiple gunshots were fired and one of the men involved in the robbery was killed and One of the victims was transported to a hospital in serious condition.

Police are looking for at least two people who were involved. They added the suspects entered a waiting black four door sedan and left the area.

WATCH (warning: graphic video)

Video below:

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We concluded a recent study which concludes that one hundred percent of the officers said that they support the second amendment. That bears repeating: Every single officer, out of 843, supports the 2nd amendment. There was not one single officer that did not support it.

Not only do they support it, but we let them leave comments. Some of the comments included the following:

“The meaning of the 2A is clear, and the Constitution was designed to protect natural rights”

Our founding fathers saw the oppression of government power and now more than ever we need more support to keep leftist government officials wanting to take everyone’s guns.

I believe every law abiding citizen should be able to carry a firearm to be able to come to MY defense if I need it!

You swear to defend it, you should support it

I could list more, but you get the idea of what they are thinking. Where did this question come from? You! This is the number one question we are asked by citizens. Do the police support the 2nd Amendment. Now you have your answer. 100% yes!

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