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Man Gets 10 Weeks In Jail After ‘Coughing On Cops’ – ‘I Have Coronavirus And Now You Do, Too’ (Video)

There are different public opinions on COVID 19 or Coronavirus. Some people are panicking and others are taking the necessary steps but are calm and observe the situation. Well, we have another type of people who are using the viral media nature of the virus to get media attention.
Wuhan Corona Virus (COVID19) is a legitimate health concern, and it is no cause for panic or irrational hysteria, but it’s not a type of stuff that people should use to get more attention too.

A man was sentenced to 10 weeks in jail on Friday after being found guilty coughing in the faces of two police officers and telling them he was infected with the coronavirus.

The culprit, identified by local media as a 23-year-old male from Leiden, was allegedly speeding and snaking through lanes before being stopped by police. According to reports, he refused to be tested for alcohol. Instead of cooperating with authorities, the young Dutchman reportedly coughed in the faces of the two officers, telling them: “I have the coronavirus and now you do, too.”

A post-arrest test revealed that he was not in fact infected with Covid-19.

He appeared at the district court in The Hague on Friday under fast track legal proceedings and was charged with assault, making threats, causing injury and verbal abuse.

During sentencing, the judge described the man’s behavior as “reprehensible” and said that the prison term serves as a warning to those who might want to do harm to the country’s emergency services.

He was also ordered to pay each police officer €350 in damages.

These cases are nothing new because we had a similar case here in the states a few days back.

A New Jersey woman allegedly coughed on police officers and told them she had infected them with coronavirus after being arrested.

Lea Piazza, 28, was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated on March 12 after a car crash involving a single vehicle in Hanover, reported.

She allegedly coughed on officers from the Hanover Township Police Department as they tried to process her. Piazza grew belligerent as officers tried to question her and breathed on an officer despite being repeatedly asked to stop, Capt. Dave White told

While she was being processed at the police department, Piazza again started breathing, he said. According to the outlet, she coughed on one officer and told him, “Oh by the way, I have the coronavirus and now so do you.”

Piazza told police that her boyfriend had the virus and was in the hospital, White added.

Three officers who had come into contact with Piazza since she was arrested were told to self-quarantine. But after investigating, police determine that everything she had said was “100 percent false,” White told
Another case was reported in LA:
Video below:

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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