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Unconfirmed Photo Allegedly Shows Internal “Certificate” That Gives Exemptions For Essential Deliveries Under Curfew In North Carolina – Date Of Expiration April 2021

When disasters strike, whether natural or man-made, state/local governments and emergency managers need quick access to resources that allow them to manage a crisis and return things to normal. The declaration of a State of Emergency helps elected leaders achieve this mission.

Though “The State of Emergency” may sound ominous, the impact it has on citizens is anything but threatening. The State of Emergency, according to state law, can be declared during a situation or imminent threat of widespread or severe damage, injury or loss of life or property, resulting from a natural or man-made cause.

The ongoing Coronavirus threat causes more and more states to declare a state of emergency.

North Carolina’s Department of Public Safety reportedly issued a statute imposing a statewide curfew effective until April of NEXT YEAR.

The certificate, as allegedly given to a healthcare worker as an exemption waiver for the impending curfew, explains Governor Roy Cooper’s state of emergency declaration and a mandatory curfew that will be put into effect.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper (D) declared a state of emergency twelve days ago over the spread of coronavirus, one day after health officials announced that seven people in the state have been diagnosed with the virus that has infected tens of thousands of people worldwide.
Bellow it sh official declaration of state of emergency:

As of today, they have 284 confirmed cases and zero deaths.

In the past passports were issued not only by the Department of State but also by states and cities, and by notaries public. For example, an internal passport dated 1815 was presented to Massachusetts citizen George Barker to allow him to travel as a free black man to visit relatives in Southern slave states. Passports issued by American authorities other than the Department of State breached propriety and caused confusion abroad. Some European countries refused to recognize passports not issued by the Department of State unless United States consular officials endorsed them. The problems led the Congress in 1856 to give to the Department of State the sole authority to issue passports.

From 1789 through late 1941, the constitutionally established government required passports of citizens only during two periods: during the American Civil War (1861–1865), as well as during and shortly after World War I (1914–1918). The passport requirement of the Civil War era lacked statutory authority. During World War I (1914–1918), European countries instituted passport requirements. The Travel Control Act of May 22, 1918, permitted the president, when the United States was at war, to proclaim a passport requirement, and President Wilson issued such a proclamation on August 18, 1918. World War I ended on November 11, 1918, but the passport requirement lingered until March 3, 1921, the last day of the Wilson administration.


The things might change given the fact that this is the biggest hysteria that our country has ever suffered!

And these so-called Internal “Certificate” will become Internal Passports and the citizen’s movement will be limited.

People might say: no one is going to tell me where or when I can go somewhere.

The police and national guard will tell you where you can go. Their paychecks and meal cards respectively, as well as both of their relative freedoms, depend on doing what they’re told. The cops want to keep their jobs & maintain their special societal privilege and the soldiers don’t want to get court marshaled. Many cops are former military. They will choose their temporary safety over your rights & freedom. They swore an oath to the constitution but they cannot quote it nor do they understand any of it. They are probably not interested anyway. They are entrained with an “us” versus “them” mentality. It’s their team versus all of you. You cannot talk or reason with them because they have the guns and you don’t so they don’t have to talk or reason with you. If a cop (or soldier) is right, they are right. If they are wrong, they are still right. Anything you say will be white noise at best or something they can hold against you at worst. You’re just one of the herd-like an extra in a movie.

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Alex D.

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