Hillary Clinton’s Week Goes From Bad to Worse After What Columbia University Students Did To Her

Thirty students walked out of Hillary Clinton’s class at Columbia University to “shame” the Ivy League school for how they perceive it allowed its students who signed an anti-Israel statement to be publicly named and pictured.

The students joined nearly 300 others who peacefully sat in the lobby of the school’s International Affairs Building Wednesday.

Clinton was about halfway through her two-hour lecture on women’s involvement in peace processes when the students packed their bags and left, according to The New York Times.

Clinton reportedly left through a side door and has not publicly addressed the walk out.

Students were protesting against the school’s lack of action to prevent the doxxing of students, whose faces appeared on trucks that drove near the Morningside Heights campus last week.

Pro-Hamas students from Columbia, Harvard and other universities have been identified by non-profit org. “Accuracy In Media” and advertised on ‘doxxing trucks.’

Hillary Clinton was hired as a professor at Columbia University earlier this year. Clinton was hired to teach in their School of International and Public Affairs.
This isn’t her only problem these days!

A heckler recently crashed Hillary Clinton’s Houston Mayoral rally for Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee and asked her about her husband Bill’s relationship with deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Mark Van der Veen

Mark Van der Veen offers some of the most analytical and insightful writings on politics. He regularly opines on the motives and political calculations of politicians and candidates, and whether or not their strategy will work. Van der Veen offers a contrast to many on this list by sticking mainly to a fact-based style of writing that is generally combative with opposing ideologies.

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26 days ago

Most college students have adamschitt for brains, they are easily brain washed into believing any radical left wing mind set. Lying, cheating, crooked, vile, vulgar Hillary gets whatever she deserves.