LOOK!! President Trump Hid A Massive Troll Of Former President Obama In His White House Christmas Decorations

Attention! Attention! Attention! President Trump just said MERRY CHRISTMAS again! Will all Snowflakes Please return to your safe place! We will have colors, coloring books and marbles for you to relieve your stress. Sorry, we have a correction! We will not have any marbles as you all lost them the night of the 2016 Presidential election. To make up for this oversight we will be scheduling a scream at the sky event in the near future. Hope to hear you there!

This is the most wonderful time of the year. On every day of Christmas, it’s going to be great because we will finally have a president that is going to make America great again.

This year, President Trump hid a massive troll Of Obama in his White House Christmas decorations. You are gonna LOVE this. Photo below!

Via The Daily Caller:

Trump has certainly made good on that promise, regularly using the greeting in speeches and statements. When the Trump’s released their official presidential Christmas card, the words Merry Christmas was front and center, emblazoned in gold. Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, sent out eight official presidential Christmas cards in his tenure. None of them said “Merry Christmas.”

The distinction was cheered by conservative pundits and traditionalist who thought the Obama approach to Christmas was too “politically correct” and “inclusive.”

When you enter the White House for a Christmas tour, one of the first things you see is a selection of Christmas cards from various eras and administrations. The cards vary in style and size and are in shadow boxes on the wall.

The final shadow box contains all of Obama’s Christmas cards. Mounted above them? The Christmas card from the Trump family. With the golden “Merry Christmas” on full display.

The spirit of Christmas is alive at The White House!

It is a wonderful thing for America that President Trump is erasing every vestige of former ‘community organizer’ Obama’s Administration. I bet that mike drop doesn’t seem so cool to the ‘community organizer’ now. MAGA!!!

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