While Kim Jong Un Threatens The US, This Undercover Video Surfaces That Expose What Is Really Happening In North Korea (VIDEO)

This is what socialism/communism leads to. This is why people didn’t want Bernie Sanders as President. Because making America a socialist country would eventually lead to this. Many countries have tried, and they’ve all failed, yet there are still people who can’t learn from history and keep trying to push the communist agenda.

North Korean soldiers, including elite special forces troops, are facing severe food shortages along with the rest of the population.

Starving North Korean soldiers are living on just two potatoes a day – despite crackpot Kim Jong-un spending tens of millions on nuclear weapons. Watch the video below!

War-mongering Kim Jong-un wants to take on the might of America – despite feeding his troops just two potatoes a day, The Sun reported.

The secretive nation’s soldiers are so hungry they have been forced to steal spuds from locals.

All the while greedy Kim is thought to gorge on his favorite Emmenthal cheese and slash the nation’s cash on failed missile tests.

And their terrible diet means North Korean troops are far shorter than their southern neighbors. Some have been caught eating barley straight from plants in the fields.

Yet the state of the North Korean army remains well-hidden, with energetic soldiers recently taking part in a saber-rattling parade through the capital’s streets.

The defector added: “The military police are always on the lookout for soldiers who’ve escaped to look for food.”

“Sometimes these soldiers steal from civilians and farming stock rooms because they’re so hungry. If it’s edible, they’ll steal it.”

“I’ve heard that some senior officers will even order soldiers to go out and steal. If they fail they may be punished.”

“In my high school class, there were 25 boys. Five went to college and the remaining 20 went into the military.”

“The lucky ones serve in the special unit or serve under good officers who take care of them.”

“The unlucky ones die of hunger before their parents have a chance to help them. The only thing these parents pray for is the safe return of their sons.”

Fear is an amazing tool and obviously fatty Mc Fatty over there is using it very well. It’s too bad really I mean wouldn’t you want to go down in the history books as being the one soul to finally give North Korea the freedom it needs!! China would prosper more so if they just went in there and removed that scum of a leader. Rise up people of North Korea rise up and free yourselves.

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