“The View” Mocks “Melania Trump Double” Conspiracy Theory, Instantly Regrets It! (Video)

The only thing The View show does is constantly creating turmoil and fuel fear in the people. We are getting used to the hate that The View show hosts keep spewing every day. But what was just said about Melania Trump… That will make your jaw fall out!

First Lady Melania Trump has become the center of a bizarre Twitter storm after people became convinced that a body double was being used to “play” her during TV appearances.

On Thursday’s “The View,” the co-hosts mocked a conspiracy theory that claims Donald Trump is using a “Melania Trump double” for public appearances. Of course, there really isn’t someone impersonating the First Lady, but the panelists had a debate and a laugh anyway. Watch the video below!

According to Gossip Cop:

After watching the original video of the First Couple, Joy Behar argued, “That’s not Melania. That’s the wrong nose. The girl has a different nose. And Melania doesn’t shake her head like that. She usually stands silently. I don’t think that that’s her nose.” Sunny Hostin pointed out, “The Secret Service says they don’t use body doubles. I don’t know if they would tell us anyway.”

And Meghan McCain admitted, “I’m such a hypocrite, though, because I hate political conspiracies. I used to get stuff all the time, like why Hillary Clinton wore blue sunglasses. And last night I was like, ‘Is this her?!’” She continued, “I got totally sucked in. I was on a text exchange with my friends and we kept sending photos… I was like, ‘we’re wasting our life right now.’”

Replied Goldberg, “I think so!” She also noted, “People were also saying he never introduces her by name. And I say it’s because I feel he can’t remember who it is. I feel he can say ‘Melanavanka’ or can say Melanivania,’ so if he says one of those two he’ll hit one, and I think that will be helpful.”

Goldberg amusingly added to the camera, addressing the president, “People say I don’t like you, I’m trying to help you!”

No, Melania Trump doesn’t have a body double!!

After this debate and a laugh, made by the idiots on the View, social networks started to launch an attack on their stupid show and show huge support to President Trump!

I am glad that real Americans are seeing the View as it is a stupid liberal show!

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