James Clapper Turns On John Brennan Over His Overheated Anti-Trump Rhetoric! (VIDEO)

Brennan is a political hack and now a cable pundit who supported Clinton. If he wants to play politics, that’s OK. But his security clearance should be removed for acting politically. He shouldn’t have access to secret information and then challenge a sitting president who may disagree with his beliefs. The elected president establishes policy. By allowing Brennan to keep his security clearance, it gives a non-elected ex-official too much power to challenge an administration and can confuse American foreign policy to our adversaries.

But, the whole issue of security clearance wasn’t a problem until John Brennan made it an issue by abusing the “privilege”. So, on Sunday’s appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union”, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper throw John Brennan under the bus by saying his rhetoric is becoming an issue.

“John and his rhetoric have become an issue in and of itself,” Clapper said.

“John is sort of like a freight train, and he’s going to say what’s on his mind,” said Mr. Clapper. “I think though that the common denominator among all of us that have been speaking up is genuine concern about the jeopardy or threats to our institutions and values, although we may express that in different ways. I think that’s what really what this is about.”

Clapper was responding to a New York Times op-ed former CIA Director John Brennan penned a few days ago wherein he claimed Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia.

It seems to me that these men are “drawing in their horns”, and I wonder why. Is their whole house of cards about to come tumbling down around them?

Clapper may be an idiot, but he isn’t completely brain dead, he sees what Brennan is doing. Also, it looks like he doesn’t want his security clearance taken away, so he is trying to separate himself from Brennan.

Don’t worry Clapper, you’re time will come.

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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