Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Assassinated On live TV, Chinese Citizens And Antifa Members Celebrate Biden Remain Silent (Photos & Videos)

Far be it for us to tell President Pudding Pop how to do his job but you’d THINK the assassination of the former Japanese Prime Minister would garner at least a tweet from him or the White House, even though gosh golly and gee, it’s so HARD being president 24 hours a day.

He must need his nappy.

Although let’s be honest, whatever he tweets, writes, or says won’t be from him anyway, why not just get it out the door? We suppose the interns doing all of this need their shut-eye too.

Our “leaders” remain silent:

While not one of our leaders issued a statement Russia called this act an act of terrorism:

Japan’s elections are in 3 days. Abe has been a fierce opponent of communism and globalism throughout his career, as well as a staunch ally of Taiwan. He also broke from many world leaders on his view of the Russia-Ukrainian war.

Chinese citizens are apparently celebrating his death on social media:

In the US, members of Antifa were reportedly celebrating as well:

Fascinating, as a foreigner that does not speak Japanese what I know Shinzo Abe from the best is maintaining pacifism consistently. It seems Antifa hates peace in general. Maybe because ANTIFA is a terrorist group.

Chilling photos have emerged of the moment Shinzo Abe’s suspected killer casually stands behind him just before he assassinates the former Japanese Prime Minister.

The images show Abe — who was Japan’s longest-serving leader — starting a campaign-rally speech in the western region of Nara, smiling as those around him clap.

Standing just feet behind the leader, 67, was an innocent-looking masked man wearing military-style pants and with a bag slung around his back.

Within minutes of the divisive politician starting his speech, that same man — identified as disgruntled 41-year-old veteran Tetsuya Yamagami — snuck closer to Abe and shot him dead in an attack that sparked immediate condemnation from leaders around the world.

WATCH (warning: graphic video)

Video below:

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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Jack Kemp
Jack Kemp
2 years ago

Just proves that the CCP and Antifa are one and the same… Scum.

James Frahm
James Frahm
2 years ago

I am in my 80’s and you would not want to really know what I am thinking about today’s world situation and the people trying to run (“RUIN”) eve sight!rything in