WATCH! A Texas Couple Receives Racist Dead Threats After After Girl’s Family Surprises Surprises Black Boyfriend With A Car (Video)

Madison Duke and Chris Hunter found internet fame on Twitter this week after she posted a video of him being given the car by her parents in Dallas, Texas.

It has been viewed more than 1.4million times since it was uploaded on Saturday.

But among comments of praise for the high schoolers are abhorrent messages of hate.

I figured he must be special and you guys must be a special family after seeing the video. Love and support like that isn’t too common and it’s a blessing. (Video Below)

They have now disabled comments on the video.

Here is a print screen and part of the comments:

The problem is he is clean cut, his pants are at his waist, and worst of all, he might be leaning towards conservative. Everyone knows that the last one is the worst thing that can happen.

Looks like a good kid, leave them alone. Their relationship is no one’s business but the parents.

I think that was a lovely thing to do. He must mean a lot to them or they wouldn’t have spent all that money. Some People are just despicable. Why can’t people just let others be happy

Alex D.

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