Watch! Ben Carson Schools Katie Couric on Gender Identity – She Doesn’t Know How to Respond! (VIDEO)

Amen Ben Carson! We have known this for thousands of years and NOW we are confused? The human race is deteriorating in some aspects of its existence at an astonishing rate. Look for your markers people! Your either male or female. Simple.

Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said that transgender individuals may identify with the opposite gender, but he stressed that this does not change their biological sex.

The neurosurgeon turned politician further said it was “silly” for people to complicate something that “we have known for thousands of years.” He made the comments during an interview with Yahoo News Global Anchor Katie Couric!

“We have known what a man is and what a woman is for thousands of years,” Carson said. “And all of a sudden, we don’t know what they are anymore. I said, ‘That is absurd.’ ”

While speaking at a Florida delegation breakfast, Carson said it was “the height of absurdity” for modern people to say that they no longer know the definitions of man and woman.

When Couric asked Carson to clarify his comments, the retired doctor compared people coming out as transgender to those wishing to change their ethnicity or nation of origin. He argued that being transgender is like a Swede reading a book on Afghanistan, deciding to “feel” that he or she is actually from that country and then accusing critics of racism.

According to Carson, the same logic applies to both situations.

“There are biological markers that tell us whether we are a male or a female, and just because you wake up one day and you say, ‘I think I’m the other one,’ that doesn’t change it. Just, a leopard can’t change its spots.”

Ben Carson isn’t someone who bends his way of thinking to accommodate someone. He proved that in an interview with Katie Couric when she asked about gender identity. Like anyone with common sense, Dr. Carson didn’t need to go to medical school to know when someone is biologically a man or a woman.

Carson says it is absurd to claim we don’t know what a man or a woman is. This has been defined since the beginning of time. If someone is confused about his gender, it doesn’t change his genetics or biology.

But, Katie really didn’t know what to say when Dr. Carson said that tolerance goes both ways. People don’t get to redefine what has been known for thousands of years and then call others racists or sexist for not immediately subscribing to it.

Watch the interview below. Katie doesn’t know how to deal with common sense!

Equal rights for everyone. Your right should not prevail over mine. Right on Ben Carson. Why can’t everyone use their common sense? Well said!

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