Anderson Cooper Apologizes For Horrible Treatment Of Team Trump (VIDEO)

Well, this was a shocker. No one saw this coming. Ever. CNN? Anderson Cooper actually apologizing for what he did to a Trump spokesman Jeffrey Lord?

I think I am going to build a bunker and stock up on food and survival items because if this isn’t the sign of the apocalypse we will never have one.

CNN, the liberal media linchpin ( I ignore MSNBC because they have zero credibility at this point) admitting their bias is not something that happens every day so let’s savor it because it may be a long time before another one.

Anderson Cooper was attacking Jeffrey Lord, a Trump friend, and spokesman. Jeffrey Lord has a tough job. He goes on these shows and it outnumbered 5 to 1 and must defend President Trump.

But the script that Trump is wrong is already written and when Jeff doesn’t go along with it the liberals get seethe and lob personal attacks.

As the USA Today reported, a frustrated Cooper said to Lord:

“If he took a dump on his desk, you would defend it. I don’t know what he would do that you would not defend.”

Cooper later provided an apology both on-air and on Twitter:

“I regret the crude sentence I spoke earlier tonight and followed it up by apologizing on air,” the CNN host tweeted. “It was unprofessional. I am genuinely sorry.”

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Michelle M.

Michelle is an American conservative author she is committed to the constitutional principles of individual freedom, economic liberty, limited government, personal responsibility, and traditional values. She is a libertarian and provocateur who believes in freedom and liberty for all Americans. As a passionate journalist, she works relentlessly to uncover the corruption happening in Washington, while exposing politicians and individuals who wish to do us harm.

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Joe Drumheller
6 years ago

If anyone anywhere took a dump on a desk that little faggot would probably suck it up and lick the desk clean , probably has licked more than one brown eye in his putrid years here