WATCH: Thugs Attack Man On A Parking Lot… Have No Idea His MMA Friend Is About to Take Them All DOWN

I love it when idiots give you their permission to kick their asses. It always seems to make my day.

A story from 2014 was posted on the internet, about an MMA fighter who witnessed his friend get mugged, and then stepped in to teach the muggers the true meaning of the word “pain.”

Mayura Dissanayake was behind the counter at a gas station in Houston when he noticed his co-worker getting mugged right outside the store.
The robbers were waiting for Dissanayake’s co-worker to return from a run to the bank. As soon as he came, they pulled up in an SUV and immediately attempted to take the money. Three of them began beating the man, and one tried stripping the deposit bag from his hands.

As it seems to me, they always attack in groups. They can’t go one on one. But luckily, their plan didn’t go as they thought because that’s when Mayura Dissanayake stepped in to save his co-worker!

Dissanayake explained: “The first guy I saw, I just kicked him in the face, then I punched the other guy.”

Because of his effective fighting moves, Dissanayake managed to repel the criminals. Well, except for one who got floored by one last punch from Dissanayaka and was quickly abandoned by his friends. He was eventually picked up by the cops.

He said: “They were waiting for them, but when they were running back, I caught one guy with a hook (and he) fell down, so they just left him,” explaining that one robber wanted to go back for his thug friend, but decided against it when Dissanayaka started walking towards him.

Dissananyake told that he continued to kick the guy who fell until he was unconscious because he wasn’t sure if the guy has some sort of weapon.

“Just kicked him until he lays down on the floor until he stopped moving, ’cause I wasn’t sure if he had like a knife or a gun, so I wanted him to stop moving,” he said.

Great job. These thugs were trying to steal from hard-working people, but get what they deserved! Justice served!!!

We need more people like this young man. He is a true hero. We should be seeing more of this type of post it might help these thugs to think if they ever do before doing something stupid like this.

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Natalie Dagenhardt

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